Underground Storage Tanks

Many single-family homes built in the 1950’s and 1960’s were heated by oil heat and had 250 to 300 gallon underground storage tanks.  These were considered state of the art at the time and they’ve been heating homes for 60 to 70 years.  One problem many homeowners are facing today is the underground storage tanks are very old and at the end of their useful life.  In the State of Washington, the homeowner is responsible for the remediation costs if the oil tank leaks into the soil and groundwater.  This could be very expensive, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In the last 20 to 30 years many owners have converted to natural gas heat or electric heat and decommissioned their oil tanks.Homeowners  

The State of Washington established the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA) many years ago to mitigate the environmental hazards associated with soil contamination and groundwater contamination.  They work with public lands, commercial properties and privately held parcels.  If a single-family homeowner simply “Registers” their underground storage tank with (PLIA) the Agency will provide the owner with grants and loans up to $60,000 if the tank leaks and contaminates the soil or groundwater.  However, most homeowner have never “Registered” their tank and are completely liable for the clean-up of the hazardous material.  I encourage you to “Register” your storage tank with this State of Washington Agency.


Steven Meyers, Owner/Managing Broker

Steven Meyers, Owner/Managing Broker

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