Condominium Law Changes

     An article in the Seattle Times on February 26 written by Mike Rosenberg and Jake Goldstein-Street discusses the Washington State Legislature Bills that could change the current condominium laws throughout the State.  In the late 1990’s the Legislature passed legislation that made it significantly more difficult for developers to construct condominium buildings by allowing the Home Owner Associations (HOA’s) to sue developers for several years after the developer turned the building/complex over to the (HOA’s)  Those developers turned to constructing apartment buildings as the rental rates in apartments soared because of the influx of people to Seattle.

     The discussion in the Legislature has been that relaxing the current laws with increase the construction of affordable condominiums.  First, who ever said these developers would construct affordable condominiums.  They’ll charge the highest price possible for every unit they deliver which will not be at affordable prices.  The Legislature is also considering easing the legislation such that an (HOA) cannot sue a builder unless they can prove defect would “cause harm, like an unreasonable safety risk”.  If I’m the owner of a condominium I would like to sue the builder for any defects in their construction of the building, not jus those that could cause an “unreasonable safety risk”, don’t you agree?


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