Post “Closing” Issues

You’ve worked closely with your Buyers for months and located that perfect home for them.  You successfully negotiated the Purchase and Sale Agreement along with the inspection issues.  The transaction “Closed” 30 days ago.

The Buyers just called you because they’ve just found something wrong with the home that was not properly disclosed on the Form 17 – Seller Disclosure Statement and was not discovered during the inspection.  The Buyers want you to assist them in contacting the Seller to resolve the issues.  You loved working with these Buyers and would love to help them solve this problem but, should you?  The unequivocal answer is NO.

Following the “Closing” of the transaction there are zero real estate brokerage services yet to be performed in connection with the transaction as defined by the State of Washington.  Any involvement in resolving potential future legal disputes between the Buyer and the Seller could be / would be construed as the unauthorized practice of law.  Be careful not to cross that line.  Have a list of qualified real estate attorneys available to provide to you former clients.


Steven Meyers, Owner/Managing Broker

Steven Meyers, Owner/Managing Broker

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