The Seller sets the Price

As real estate agents we’re instructed to provide as much information as possible to the Owners of residential real estate for them to select the List Price for their home.  We provide Owners with a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) with the most recent comparable Sales, homes that are Pending and, the Active Listings in the neighborhood.  After a thorough review of the information we provide, the Owner hopefully selects the List Price that will generate the highest Net Sales Price.

In this digital age where there are companies providing on-line valuations of homes based upon some algorithm or formula sometimes Owners believe more in the on-line valuations than they do in the professional real estate agent with many years of experience.  I have an idea.  When working with buyers we frequently visit numerous homes before they make the decision to submit an Offer to Purchase.  Buyers select the price they’re willing to purchase the home at based upon their comparison of the features and benefits of the properties they have visited.   Here’s the idea.  Prior to a Listing Appointment, I suggest you take the Owner to the 4 – 6 homes your feel are most comparable to their home.  If it’s Sold or Pending, do a curb-analysis with the color pictures.  If it’s Active, schedule an appointment and view the home in detail.  You’ll gain the Owners trust and confidence with your thorough analysis.  You’ll also increase your chances of signing the Listing Agreement at the List Price most likely to generate the highest Net Sales Price.


Steven Meyers, Owner/Managing Broker

Steven Meyers, Owner/Managing Broker

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